Yahoo Torpedoes Delicious – Why You Should Care

Last week news leaked out of Yahoo’s corporate office via Twitter that the struggling web company was planning to “sunset” several of their services including the social bookmarking site Delicious. The news that Yahoo was planning to shut Delicious down was quickly picked up by tech bloggers. And that prompted a rapid-fire response blog post… Read More »

7 Video Sharing Sites That Are Not YouTube

There are lots of video sharing sites besides YouTube. Some have advantages that are worth taking a look at. Here are 7 of them with example videos from each for comparision

Yahoo Working on a New Kind of Search

Chris Brogan shared that Yahoo is considering a new approach to serving up search results. He describes it as The Sound of Content Ripping Free From Its Page. I’m not sure it will be as dramatic as all that for a couple reasons. What’s at the heart of Chris’ concern is this short post over… Read More »

Advice to Yahoo Employees – Start Looking Now

It’s not big news that Yahoo is facing some significant challenges. Even if everything was roses for the search engine company the very fact that another company like Microsoft is looking to buy them out is going to make for some tough going for the good folks who work for Yahoo. Been There, Done That… Read More »

Promote Your Business Blog with Social Networking Sites: MyBlogLog

We are going through some of the social networking sites that are out there and talking about how we can become active in them to help promote our businesses. Yesterday we talked about StumbleUpon. In the comments of that post Tony Clark pointed out an article on DoshDosh that gives a very comprehensive introduction to… Read More »

Promote Your Business Blog with Social Networking Sites

Steve Bowman over at Coastal Uruguay asked me a great question yesterday about increasing blog traffic. He said he’d been actively building relationships with other bloggers in his niche and seeing some good results from that approach. But now he is ready to step up the pace a bit. What is a good next step?… Read More »