The horror yesterday at Virginia Tech struck a little too close to home for me.

My brother is very much younger than I am (by, oh, 20 years) and is in college right now. Even though I was raised in New York, my folks moved to western Virginia when he was a toddler so that’s the only home he’s really known.

Tech was his second choice school.Virginia Tech Logo

In order to get into his first choice (RIT) he had to both get accepted and raise a ton of financial assistance. He’s a Cree and got it done so he’s up in New York at school now instead of in Blacksburg.

But he’s got a lot of friends down on that campus. And he’s was involved in several summer programs that happened there while he was in high school.

Fortunately it sounds like all of his friends are accounted for and OK. At least that was the early line through the grapevine when I talked with him yesterday. Even so it has rocked his world and he’s taking it pretty hard.

Gorgeous and I will be praying for all the families and friends of the victims. They are going through a horror that I can’t imagine.


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