Why does life contain so many mini-dramas?

I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to dread the question, “How’s it going?”

And it’s not because things are particularly bad for me. It’s just that whenever the answer to that question is expanded beyond a word or two lately it ends up being so complicated.

Take Friday for example. My boss at my day job managed to get himself fired.


My plans for Friday and the weekend – out the window.

Today we’ll have the regional manager in town (he was in Friday for the firing too), a guy from another office to help out, and we’ll be meeting our prospective new boss. There will be as many people at our office from out of town as we have local folks.

One guess on how much actual work I’ll get done today. 🙄


2007 has been an interesting year so far.

  • Our office secretary passed away
  • We hired a new secretary
  • Co-worker was fired in an office of 5 people
  • My father-in-law passed away
  • My boss was fired

And the year isn’t even half over yet.

Drama. Drama. Drama.

Oh, and I’m leaving Thursday for Chicago. Something about a conference. 🙂

Yes I’ll be at SOBCon. That was one of the first conversations I had with the powers that be after Friday’s particular drama. I’m going.

And please don’t think I’m whining. I sure don’t mean to come off that way.

It is just that life can be so messy sometimes. It sure has a way of not working out the way we envisioned at times.

My wife and I were talking this weekend about how grateful we are that our own problems are so minor compared to so many in this world around us.

Sure my job keeps finding new and unusual ways to infringe on “my” time. But the good news is that this is only a season.

All of us go through seasons like this at times.

And if you get to the point where like me you find yourself embarrassed by the drama, hold on. Know that it is only a season. It wasn’t always like this. And, in the wise words of Chuck Noland,

I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. And who knows what the tide could bring?

Life has the strange ability to change on a dime. And in ways that we can never imagine. For the better or for the worse.

And sometimes life is even just ordinary, everyday, run of the mill, drama.


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