Gorgeous and I arrived at the Sofitel Chicago O’Hare yesterday. Man what a nice hotel!

We knew we were in good hands when the shuttle driver offered us a complimentary water for the 10 minute ride from the airport to the hotel. 🙂

We met with some of the hotel staff and walked through the rooms where we will be meeting for the conference. Everything we’ve seen so far seems top notch.

As the day progressed we caught up with Liz Strauss, who was talking with Lorrelle Van Fossen at the front desk. Right beside Rodney Rumford.

I had to laugh because Lorrelle happened to be wearing an outfit that was the same color as her blog. As I walked up I said to myself, “That must be Lorrelle.” The outfit seemed perfect.

We got a peek at Lorrelle’s new book on Blogging Tips which every attendee will get complimentary. The book is brand new. In fact, the book hasn’t even been released yet. The official release is tonight at the conference. I’m here to tell you the book is packed with great information that you can actually use to take your blogging to the next level. After it is officially released I’ll get you a link so y’all can get your own copy.

We all ended up in the lobby near the bar as the evening progressed. Liz and I caught Steve Farber checking in and went over to introduce ourselves. And before the evening was out, Diego Orjuela came by and sat down to chat with us.

All in all a good day. And things haven’t even gotten started yet!


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