We all crave a loyal blog following. Preferably a big one.

A lack of blog traffic can be especially frustrating, especially when we are just getting started. Put a bunch of effort into writing a great post and then wonder if anyone is even reading it.

Building that loyal blog following is obviously something most serious bloggers aspire to achieve. But how do we make that happen?

Here are 7 tactics you can start implementing today that are sure to help you build a loyal following for your blog.

  • Consistency – People generally tend to be more loyal when their expectations are met consistently. Blogging is no different. If we want to build a loyal following then we have to become more consistent in our blogging.

    Look at things like how often we post? What are our post lengths? What voice do we use when we blog? Do we have regular blog feature posts and are we consistent with when we present them?

    Becoming more consistent in our blogging will attract folks who like what we have to say and the way we say it. It will keep them coming back for more.

  • Focus – Keeping our writing focused with one overarching theme will help build loyalty. People will know what to expect and will come to look to our blog as a go-to source for expertise on our subject matter.

    If, on the other hand, we bounce around all over the spectrum of topics, sometimes talking about our business, the latest movie we saw, our favorite sports team, challenges in our personal life, then we make it less likely to build loyalty in our readers. They won’t really know what to expect when the come to our blog. (See point one.)

  • Go Where Potential Readers Already Are – You want to build a large following for your blog? Then consider investing a little of your time hanging out where your potential readers are. Are there forums or web sites (or especially other blogs) where folks who you believe would find your blog worth reading already up and running?

    If so go join those communities. Invest some effort in becoming an active contributing part of those communities. As you participate, add your insights, people who appreciate what you have to say there will likely head back to your own blog to get more of your gems.

    One caution here. DO NOT barge into someone else’s house and say, “Hey everybody! Let’s all go back to my place!” Be courteous and be tactful.

  • Participate in Discussion – To build on the previous point, become an active participant in discussions as you move around the web. Share comments on other folks blogs that add value to their site.

    The other bloggers will appreciate it and some of those authors may in time become some of the most loyal readers of your own blog.

  • Respond to Comments – They say only about 1-2% of readers take the time to write a comment on what they’ve read. It makes sense to show some appreciation to these folks. There are some folks who respond off line via email to these folks but it is a good idea to respond to their comments in the comment section.

    By doing this we are moving the conversation forward. And perhaps more importantly, by carrying on the dialog on our blog, we are are offering up some value for the other 98-99% who aren’t commenting. Knowing we treat commenters well can help build loyalty in those folks too.

  • Write Compelling Post Titles – This is just common sense. Call it basic writing 101. Compelling titles will draw more people in. If we are going to build a loyal readership, we have to be adding readers. Compelling post titles is one of the best ways to attract the attention of a non-reader.
  • Give It a Little Time – Finally don’t let yourself get impatient. It takes time to find our blogging groove and build those relationships that end up in loyal readers. Seriously, if we haven’t been implementing some of these ideas for at least 6-18 months, then we need to give it some more time.

There you have it. 7 ideas that you can get started with right away that will help build a loyal blog following.

Can you think of any others?


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