There’s more tagging going on. This time April Groves has reached out with an new twist – Opi Tag. Bloggy Tag Button

Now you might think that sounds like something they played back in Mayberry. And maybe they should have but that was a different Opie.

The idea is to describe something about your future in the past tense.

Here’s how April explains it.

I introduce to you, the “Opi.” Comes from the Greek word “opiso.” Now, I am no Greek scholar so I maybe way off…but I searched for “future you” in a greek dictionary, this word popped up and I liked it, so I used it. It refers to the hereafter. The Opi is to be written of the future you in the present tense.

The future you in the past tense… Hmmm… That’s pretty challenging.

Well here it goes.

My Opi

Things have really changed around here in the last few years. I have figured out the secret to keeping my schedule at exactly the level I want. I’ve been plenty busy, but I can’t remember the last time I needed the alarm clock to shake me out of bed.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of traveling and most times Gorgeous and I go together. Between speaking engagements, the conferences we choose to attend, and the consulting projects, we’re on the road more than most folks. But not too much for us.

Lately very large companies have been reaching out to our firm for help getting on board with this whole relationship commerce model that the internet has become. It has been a long process, but finally even the late majority and the laggards are starting to get it. And we’ve built our thriving business helping them all catch up.

Oprah’s folks called. Apparently she just finished my latest book and wants me to come back on her show. It took a little working to reconcile our schedules because of the ongoing work our firm has been doing for the government.

They are finally realizing that the internet has become as much of a utility for most folks as electricity has been for over a century now. The challenge has been in finding ways to keep the system safe from sabotage and the commerce and innovation flowing while still providing maximum access for folks. We’ve been working hard to prepare our briefs for our latest round of Congressional testimony.

The general thrust to our approach is, “We need rules, but not too many.”

That second part has the potential to keep me awake at nights. But I’m hopeful they’ll get this one right. Finally.

Tag! You’re It!

I’m tagging different folks this time. What’s your Opi?

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