Sometimes things happen that throw our plans out the window.

I had one of those times after work yesterday. Driving home on the highway I heard a loud bang, and felt the steering wheel shake once.

Right away I knew. Blow out.

Sure enough. I pulled off to the side and the right front tire was completely flat.

When I got the tire off and put the dough-nut on I saw my tire had a pen sized hole in the tread, clean through the belt.

Hole in TireNo way to fix that. I was due for a new tire anyway.

It was too late last night to get the tire fixed. So this morning first thing I went to our local tire shop to get it taken care of.

I’m in their computer.

My work takes me to lots of places that are hard on tires. Lots of sharp pointy metal has found its way into my tires.

We’ve got this complicated corporate procedure to follow before getting new tires when they wear out on our company cars. Get three estimates, send them off to corporate, blah, blah, blah.

I haven’t had to use it yet in 3 years and 2 cars. I keep getting holes punched in my treads before they wear out.

So anyway, now I’m getting on with my weekend plan. Finally. Nearly a day late.

Ah, life.


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