I’m not a big fan of the whole meme thing. In fact I intentionally mispronounce the word because it drives people like Liz Strauss nuts.

But now on the latest one going around the Bloggisphere I ducked when Robyn McMaster tagged me earlier. But then managed to get tagged twice on Friday, by Connie Reece and by Doug Meacham.

So I thought I better get Eight Random Things About Me out of the way and save the rest of y’all from tagging me. But I’m gonna warn you, this might be perceived as a little too much information. I’m just saying.

8 sided dice1. I grew up an only child, but I have a brother and a sister. Yep. It’s true. I’m 18 years older than my sister and 20 older than my brother. Same parents. Same marriage. Just a big gap. (And I can’t get either of them blog. Go figure.)

2. I had shoulder length curly blond hair when I was in high school. Hey, it was the 80’s. I though I looked cool.

3. Speaking of school days, my folks had horses when I was growing up. Arabians. I showed them. English saddle, not western. I knew even then that wasn’t as cool.

4. I don’t like yard work especially with love bugs thrown into the mix. That post is gross. Head over at your own risk.

5. I grew up just a few miles near a couple different ski areas in the Northeast. When school was closed we’d go up to the slopes because we all had season passes. But the last time I was on skis was over 10 years ago in the Austrian Alps. Kinda spoiled me.

6. My goatee covers the scar on my chin that I got when I wiped out on my roller blades, also over 10 years ago in Forsyth Park less than a block from this fountain.

7. I’m a dog guy whose converted to cat ownership. I think there is a good case for cat’s being more manly pets than dogs, but they get a bad wrap. In spite of that, I’ve found our cats in the dog house a time or two.

8. Finally I got my new Mac up and running over the weekend. It was less than two hours before I told one of my computer professional friends, “You gotta get one of these!” To which was told that

Every new Mac convert immediately starts proselytizing trying to convince all PC folks that Macs will save the world.

Macs aren’t going to save the world. But seriously, you gotta get one of these!

Now to tag 8 other victims. How about Joe, Tony, Dawud, Christine, April, Carolyn, Easton, and Terry.

All right folks. What do you say? Care to share 8 things about yourselves?


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