Some days start way too early.

Today was one of those days. The alarm was set for 4 AM so I could head out to a ship.

Not that I needed the alarm in the end. I woke up a bit before it want off this morning, turned it off to keep from waking Gorgeous and swung my feet onto the carpet.

As I get older I’m finding that disoriented time parked squarely between sound asleep and awake and functional is getting less noticeable. Maybe it is just a natural offshoot of so many years with weird sleep schedules, or perhaps I’m just getting more comfortable being disoriented.

Regardless, I rarely have to struggle through those awkward first questions of What day is it? Where am I? or What am I getting up this early for?

Nowadays its more just getting up and getting on with it.

SunriseOne benefits of getting up and moving that early (I mean besides how little traffic is out on the road at that hour) is that I get to see the sun come up. As I Twittered when I got back to the office this morning, there’s

Nothing quite like seeing the sun rise over the marshlands on a cool summer morning to make me appreciate living in the low country.

I like sunsets. But I think I like sunrises even better.

Sunsets are more common.

OK. Now before you get excited I know the current ratio of sunrises to sunsets in the history of the world is pretty much exactly 1:1.

That’s not my point.

What I mean is that most people see sunsets far more often than sunrises. That has the effect of making sunrises rarer. At least in my mind.

And that means that I can enjoy them as special. Although I might just share a picture of this morning’s sun with y’all so that you can get a taste of the beauty I saw in those early hours.



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