Zombies Have Taken Over SearsI don’t know if you’ve noticed but last night I saw that Zombies are taking over Sears.

Sears has also created a new ZombieShopper YouTube channel. The first video was uploaded last week. This morning they uploaded the third video.

They’ve got over 100,000 total channel views as of this writing. That’s not bad, depending on how much they’ve done to promote their channel.

Social Media Marketing

It looks like this is part of a coordinated social media campaign by Sears ahead of the Halloween holiday because Sears also has a ZombieShopper Twitter account that became active about a month ago.

They seem to be putting less emphasis on the Twitter channel as there are only about 600 followers thus far.

Target Market

While it is a novelty, especially around Halloween, I wonder how effective this campaign will be for Sears over the long term. Will this campaign resonate with younger customers and breath new life into the Sears brand?

While I applaud Sears for engaging social media in a potentially risky way, only time will tell whether this new social media marketing campaign will be effective for them long term or not.

Quite frankly, with Halloween only days away I’m surprised a large company like Sears is not putting more effort and resources behind this campaign so they can have a much greater chance of getting it to critical mass and increase the odds that it will go viral before then.

What do you think? Will this campaign be a success or an example of a social media marketing campaign failure?


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