Thursday was a big day here at the Cree house.

Gorgeous had a big event Thursday evening to celebrate the first year anniversary of the Savannah chapter of eWomenNetwork. She started the chapter from nothing last year.

Thursday’s event was a smashing success with over 90 people registered and only a handful of no-shows. The keynote speech was presented by Dr. Kimberly Jackson of the Kare Group. Gorgeous outdid herself and the whole thing was a smashing success.

Go figure. 🙂

There was even a TV crew there gathering footage for a commercial.

All in all I had a wonderful time attending one of her events for the first time. Way to go, Gorgeous!

Another Anniversary

Thursday was also the very day when SuccessCREEations passed the One Year Old mark.

Pretty amazing to me that a little blog that I started originally as what I called my “opensource self improvement project” is growing into a full fledged business.

The last month has been completely insane. I’m beginning to understand how hard it really is to try to sit in two chairs at the same time. There comes a time when you have to choose one or the other.

But never fear. There are some big changes coming down the pike. I’ll be going into some of them in the coming weeks. For now, lets just say it promises to be an interesting ride!

I thought about laying out a bunch of stats from the blog here from the first year. Actually went so far as to pull them together. I thought about telling you about the nearly 250 posts I’ve written or the 1500+ comments you’ve contributed (or even the more than 25,000 junk comments the spammers have tried to inflict on our space here).

But now that I’ve thought about it a bit, stats about traffic, page views, and links can be so boring and impersonal. I think I’ll celebrate a little differently. What I’m going to do instead is list a few of the posts that have gotten the most traffic over the last year.

That way we can go back and check out the SuccessCREEations Classics together.

Most Viewed Posts So Far

Here are the top viewed posts here at SuccessCREEations thus far, in order, starting with the most viewed.

Success Principle #6 – Successful People Overcome Fear – Did you know that there is a spiritual component to fear? I talked about that in the post that has consistently been the most viewed this year.

One Simple Change That Will Increase Your Financial Success – In one of the very first posts I wrote here at SuccessCREEations (posted on the forth day the site existed) I shared a simple little formula that you can apply to your own finances to direct yourself onto the road to financial success. It is the second most viewed post.

Success Principle #12 – The Words We Choose to Use Make a Difference – We can say the same exact thing two different ways. And achieve very different outcomes as a result. Are your words powerful? Or do you choose to use words that just lay there without impact? Check out the third most viewed post from last year to find out.

5 Reasons Why I Blog – My fourth most viewed post this past year was surprisingly a meme post about, well the 5 reasons why I blog. And yes, apparently my blogging is all about me.

Six Ways to Make People Like You – Rounding out the top five is another post with a number in the title. This time it’s the number six. Everyone wants to be liked. Did you know you can actually make people like you? Well you can. Check out how. The process is simpler than you might think.

Success Principle #9 – Successful People Leave Things Undone – I thought I’d throw in the sixth most viewed post from our first year here because it covers a principle I’ve been applying these past few weeks. I have some very specific goals in mind. And even though it may seem counterintuitive to some, I have been leaving some things undone in order to ultimately become more successful.

Life is like that sometimes.

I hope you have enjoyed our first year together. It is my sincere hope that we will have many more yet to come.


SuccessCREEations is now Kingdom House Productions