Chris Cree Birthday StampYou may not know Susan Reynolds. But I’m guessing you probably should. She bills herself as a new media consultant. And she is very active in Web 2.0 stuff like Twitter and Second Life.

But don’t let that fool you. Susan also has a remarkable creative streak. You may recall from my birthday last month, it was Susan who created my very own Chris Cree postage stamp to help me celebrate.

Well Susan’s been at it again, exercising her creativity. This time she’s stepping over into video.

Liz and ChrisSusan posted some Spicy Buzz Hits of the Blogosphere featuring Yours Truly partnered with Liz Strauss strutting our collective stuff in a little salsa dancing.

I’ve been out of the loop for a bit and didn’t realize that Susan has turned this bit of silliness into a regular feature over at her place. It caught me totally off guard. Be sure to check her blog on the weekends and find out who her next victims will be.

Just one note of caution before you click play on this little video piece Susan cooked up: DO NOT take a sip of coffee before clicking the play button. If you do it just might end up all over your screen and keyboard. (I was laughing so loud when I saw it Gorgeous demanded to see it too. And yes, she thought it was hysterical too.)

Thank you Susan. I really needed that laugh last night.



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