I’ve been keeping a very low profile on the bloggosphere of late. I’ve my reasons. I’m keeping my eye on my priorities. All is well.

This morning Liz Strauss tagged me with Joe’s Promise.

You see, Joe had been keeping a low profile too. He explained what happened in his post about a week back when he wrote My Promise to the Blogging Community.

Joe’s Promise

  • I will be sure to comment on other Blogs if I can add to the conversation.
  • I will respond to comments on my own Blog.
  • I will acknowledge any links to my Blog with a comment on the linker’s Blog.
  • I will continue to link to other Blogs that are pertinent to a posts content.
  • I will once again be a part of the Blogging Community.
  • That is my promise to the Community as a whole, in part, and individually.

If you feel you are losing some of the interaction that is an integral part of Blogging, you may want to join me in this Promise to the Community.

It’s a good set of promises to keep, whether you are brand new to blogging, or whether you are an old hat that like me that has been focused elsewhere.

If that is you, then just pick up the words, post them on your blog, and link back to Joe’s post. Tag it “Joe’s Promise,” and pass it on.

And to do my part passing it on, how about we hear from April, Jesse, Jason, Troy, Rick, and Dawud.


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