It is easy to get distracted, loose focus, and squander precious resources as a result. Too much time doing just the things we like, or that we know we do well (or that are easy) can keep us from other more critical tasks and ultimately mean the difference between the success or failure of our business.

I see this happen all the time.

Messy OfficeSay someone takes over a new job at the office. If they are generally a neat person, they probably want to clean things up a bit so they can get off to a fresh start. There is nothing wrong with that – especially if it looked like this when they started. But, if three weeks later they are still spending the majority of their time looking for things to throw away instead of doing more productive work, then there is a problem.

Spending all day flipping through file folders and moving sticky notes around our desks can sink our business in a hurry.

Don’t get me wrong. The extra things that happen in the course of business are important. Many a business has failed because the owner knew how to provide a service but neglected everything else that comes with being a business owner.

Just be sure that when it comes to your business you understand what it is that makes you money. Concentrate on those things. Let the rest fill in later.

Rules vs. Needs

For those of us who are transitioning from hobby bloggers to full fledged business people, there can be a real danger in burying ourselves in our blogs. There are a lot of “rules” to growing a successful blog.

Things like posting regularly and often, reading bunches of other blogs, commenting and participating in other blogs in our niche, and everything in yesterday’s promise will help our blogs (and by extension our business web sites) become more successful. These are good things we can do to help improve our web presence and add to the bottom line of our business.

On the other hand, the biggest need any new starting business has is finding new customers and clients. That’s scary for many of us, especially if we’re the type of person who is better at communicating in writing than in person.

But we’ve still got to get out there and meet new potential clients. If we don’t continually bring in new business then it won’t take long until we have no business at all.

The second biggest need new businesses have (and this is wide open to a chicken and egg argument as to which is more important) is making the customers they do have happy.

This means providing top notch service, promising a lot and delivering even more.

We have to prioritize these needs higher than secondary concerns such as flipping file folders or the rules for blogging success.

Get Beyond Your Blog

Are you a solopreneur? Then invest some time in the analog world and actually meet some potential local clients.

Get your head out of your blog long enough to work your business.

By all means keep blogging. Just remember what puts money in your bank account. And give those activities your full attention.

Some of you have to get beyond your blog to see real success!


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