Guy Fun With a Micro Cannon

Micro Cannon

OK. Time for some guy fun.

It’s like I keep trying to explain to my wife. From a guy’s perspective, things that go Whoosh! or Booom! are cool. Period.

Past Job

It’s probably time for a little confession, for those of you who don’t know. The reason I have this airplane photo set as my Twitter background is because I flew in the things back in my Navy days. It turns out the plane in this particular photo is even painted in my old squadron colors, VS-30 Diamondcutters.

S3-B Viking from VS-30 DiamondcuttersOf course we were probably the least cool guys flying jets off the aircraft carrier. Our plane was the slowest jet in the fleet. It was so slow we had windshield wipers. It was kinda embarrassing.

(“Ah, but you did fly jets off of aircraft carriers,” said Captain Jack Sparrow, ever the optimist.)

It’s true we did drop or “shoot” various exploding thingies that caused all kinds of havoc and destruction.

We just did it kinda slowly is all.

Anyway not every guy gets a chance to fire a harpoon missile or drop a 2,000 pound bomb (and then fly away so slowly that the plane gets bounced from the concussion. Sheesh!) But nearly every guy secretly wants to.

With that in mind I ask you, what could be cooler than having your very own micro cannon so you could shoot at things and wreak destruction right in your very own office?

I present to you…

The Micro Cannon

Enjoy! runs on the Genesis Framework

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