Every now and then I get into a politics discussion with someone having a vastly different perspective than mine. Fortunately that doesn’t happen as often as it used to.

I’m not sure if I’m actually learning something as I grow older, or if I’m actually getting more cynical and apathetic where politics are concerned. Not that it really matters in the scope of what we’re talking about on this Veteran’s Day today, mind you.

American PatriotBut during the course of my recent discussion, the person I was talking with made some rather derogatory and insulting statements about people in uniform and about officers in particular. I’m pretty sure he didn’t realize I’d been a Naval Officer when he said those things.

Truth be told, I wasn’t so much offended as saddened.

It’s one thing to disagree with the decisions made by our sitting President. I totally appreciate that. Here in the US we value freedom of speech and people quite properly do have the right to voice their opinions, no matter how far afield the ideas range. (Keep in mind that doesn’t mean we have a responsibility to listen to every kooky voice out there. But that’s a distinction lost on many folks.)

Nor is it my task to defend everything that the US is doing in the world.

Unfortunately, in spite of whatever they say at the front end of the conversation, I find more often than not that when it gets down to brass tacks the overwhelming majority of the folks who are most outspoken against the current utilization of our military truly are hostile to the folks who choose to put on a uniform and accept the danger that comes with working at the tip of the lance.

I wish they’d be honest about their hatred of the military and be done with it.

A Real American Hero

I had dinner this week with some friends. I ended up sitting next to someone I’d not met before. Turns out he’s an Army Ranger. Wouldn’t talk much about what he does, and a big reason for that is the obvious security concerns.

US Army Rangers Helo InsertBut he also said there are topics he just won’t discuss in public because he’s had too many bad experiences with folks who weren’t even part of his conversation but jumped in on overhearing him. How rude is that?

He was heading back over very soon. By now he’s probably en-route, if he’s not there already. And he was glad to go because he felt they were actually doing good and making things better for people there as well as helping reduce the danger for those of us back here in the States.

Needless to say his job is a bit more dangerous than anything I’ll encounter in the next few months.

We should be grateful that so many men and women are willing to work so hard to protect our rights and freedom. They sure aren’t doing it for the money.

Take a moment today and find a veteran. When you do, say two simple words. Thank you.


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