We all get there from time to time.

If our business site has a blog, we know we should post something every so often. Can’t have it getting stagnant. Gotta keep the content fresh.

But what to write?

Maybe there’s nothing happening in our business that we can share at the moment. Perhaps your creative zone is a little overwhelmed with the stress of day to day business?

Well here are some ideas which might help get your creative juices flowing.

Look Around Your Life

This is my personal favorite. Life happens. All around us. By keeping a sharp eye on what is going on around us we can often come up with things to write about.

For example, maybe you just had a surprising light bulb moment that you could share (sort of).

Do you have pets? Did you find your Cats in the Dog House this morning? Sure your pest have nothing to do with your business. But people like cute pictures. And it shows a bit of the human side of your business. Me, I put most of my cat blogs on my personal blog. But they do inspire me from time to time.

Are you active on any social media sites? Perhaps you see something there that eventually grow into something like Visionary Cat Herding Princes of Execution.

Maybe a YouTube video helped you see some Lessons at the Watering Hole. If you learned from it chances are someone else will too.

Maybe life is happening to you right now. Sometimes it’s OK to tell people that It’s Cold in Here. Letting folks know there are real live people at your business is not a bad thing. Not at all.

Bring Forward Popular Posts

Take a look at your site stats. You will probably find a couple posts that get more traffic than the others. Perhaps mention a couple of these posts, bring them forward for your new readers who might not get that deep into your archives.

Or better yet, take a post that is getting particularly good search engine traffic and expand on it. Pile on more value by expanding on a popular topic and you will probably bring even more readers to your site.

Here are some of the more heavily trafficked posts on SuccessCREEations to date:

Six Ways to Make People Like You – Everyone wants to be liked. Who knew? It’s a good topic to expand on. I could probably have a whole category devoted to the posts that are waiting to be written there.

Success Principle #6 – Successful People Overcome Fear – We all have fears. People know their fears are holding them back. A person could build a successful business helping folks overcome their fears. Lots to expand on here.

Success Principle #12 – The Words We Choose to Use Make a Difference – Words have power. Choosing the right words can help you wield more power more responsibly. Writing about words can help get some words on the screen quickly.


I like movies. Especially good ones. People like to know what’s out there and if you can make a recommendation they’ll appreciate it.

So when you tell them Wild Hogs is Worth the Price of Admission you are providing a service to your readers.

Or perhaps you walked away from a film with some powerful lessons that you can apply like I did with Lessons in Amazing Grace. When you share them everyone wins.

Try Humor

Have you seen something funny lately? Then share a little levity with your readers. Everyone likes to laugh.

This morning I saw this Dilbert cartoon. Having a goatee myself I thought it was funny enough to share.

Dilbert Cartoon Goatee

Winter is gearing up in some parts of the country. One of my Twitter friends mentioned clearing snow off the car. I hope it wasn’t like this.

Write About Writing

As a last resort you can write about writing. When you don’t have anything else to write about, sit down in front of your computer and start writing about what to write if you were stuck writing.

Before you know it you might just have a post that can help others get unstuck.

Sometimes just getting started is the spark you need to get those creative juices flowing.


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