I ran across this informative infographic this morning which shows some interesting info about the WordPress platform. It was created by the folks at Tech King (and you can find the original here if you want a larger size.)

WordPress Thoughts

A few things stand out to me looking through these stats.

First I was surprised that more than half of all WordPress.org (self hosted) sites are still using older versions of WordPress. It is especially surprising because it is really old news that older versions of WordPress get hacked and one of the biggest things you can do to protect your site is keep your software up to date. Well it turns out that statistic is just a little off in the infographic (but not much!)

According to official WordPress stats, the figure is just under half of all self-hosted WordPress sites are using older versions. That still means there are well over 6 million WordPress sites that are potentially exposed to security vulnerabilities. Not good.


Something else that jumped out at me is how thoroughly WordPress is dominating the open source CMS market. I knew there were way more WordPress sites out there than sites built with other big platforms like Drupal and Joomla. But I had no idea how many more there were.

And the thing is, WordPress is just beginning to come into its own as a CMS. The platform has grown significantly beyond its blogging roots. I only see that market share growing even more disproportionate as WordPress continues to add more CMS oriented features.


I was surprised to see how small Blogger is compared to WordPress. It seems to me that most folks I know who started a blog went to Blogger first before graduating to WordPress. That’s how I got started years ago.

However, based on the Blogger market share in the infographic it would seem that that is not as common an approach as I assumed. (And yes, I do know what happens when I assume! :P)

Anyway, here’s the infographic for your enjoyment.

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Infographic: The Power of WordPress


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