I’m excited to announce that SuccessCREEations has joined the High Calling Blogs.

Blog Network

The High Calling Blogs is a new faith based blog network that is setting out to explore the intersection of faith in the workplace. Here’s an excerpt from their about page:

TheHighCalling.org seeks to connect people with the faith that undergirds and sustains all that we do. That’s why it is the high calling of our daily work. Daily work embraces all aspects and activities of daily life—including home, community, leisure, as well as occupation.


There are two options for someone who wants to join the High Calling Blog community.

First, if you already have a blog where you write about your work you can request to add your blog to the network. Then place one of the High Calling Blogs network badges on your site like the one above or the one on my right side bar and your blog will be included in one of their categories so that your feed will be added to their feed aggregator and shared with the rest of the network.

Here’s a list of the categories they have blogs in already.

In addition they hope to add Government, Law and Military categories as the network expands..

“I don’t have a blog”

Here is the best part. Remember I said there are two ways to join the network?

If you don’t have a blog already and want to get started on a great easy to use platform (WordPress) you can join the network using the second way. You can simply register with High Calling Blogs and start your very own blog hosted on their network.


That’s right. You can begin blogging right away. High Calling Blogs will pay the server fees for hosting, and bandwidth.

It’s a low risk way to join the community and get started blogging for those who are interested in exploring that intersection of faith and work.

Joining to Help

In my case I’ll be doing more with High Calling Blogs than just sharing my blog posts. I’ve been asked to join the team.

So now, along with Marcus Goodyear and Gordon Atkinson I’ll be helping with the ongoing improvements to the High Calling Blogs community experience.

I’ll be adding my technical know how and WordPress expertise to help smooth out the user experience. Initially I’ll be helping them dig out and catch up on bringing new members into the community.

Over time I’ll be working on the technical behind the scenes stuff that will improve the overall community experience. Because the network is powered by WordPress MU (the multi-user version) many of the WordPress tips and tricks that I post here will be helpful to the community.

Occasionally I’ll post some High Calling Blogs specific information and announcements here at SuccessCREEations too.

The good news for all you regular readers is that now I have a reason to post more regularly here. I won’t feel like posting is a luxury any more and can prioritize my own blogging guilt free. 🙂

So go on over and check out the High Calling Blogs and let us know what you think.


SuccessCREEations is now Kingdom House Productions