“You can’t get something for nothing”

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch”

“The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.”

Proverbs from the wisdom of the ages. Yet so many of us expect that the world somehow owes us and that prosperity and success will come to us without any effort on our part.

Somehow we’ve lost touch with age old wisdom, gone off after a newer, better way that will get us rich without having to do any work. Maybe we will win the lottery. Or maybe we can sue someone and collect an obscene damage award by successfully blaming someone else for a complete accident, or worse for our own lapse in judgment.

Nowhere have I been able to find where it is written that life and success will be easy. In fact the only places where I seem to see promised quick, effortless success, are from people who are selling something.

Life just doesn’t really work that way.

Real, lasting success takes hard work. And most folks just aren’t willing to put forth that kind of commitment. They don’t want to hear that it is going to be hard.

Instead they chase after the next thing, the next new book, or another seminar that promises a quick and painless fix to their problems. And each time they walk away disappointed, never learning to buckle down and put in the concentrated extended effort life requires for them to get where they truly want to go.

I know I fall victim to this wrong way of thinking.

I am currently working in an endeavor that is not going according to my expectations. As far as I can tell I am doing everything right, following the model laid out before me. I am working with some highly successful folks. And even they are scratching their heads wondering what is going on, why I’m not seeing more success so far utilizing their system.

I hate that not only am I not seeing instant easy success but I am putting in a lot of effort even though I’m not seeing success in line with my efforts.


That is a wonderful word, “yet”. If you have to, look it up. The word is full of hope and possibility for those of us craving success. Contrary to what many believe, our past does not determine our future. That word yet is something we can cling to as we plow through those tough times where we are not seeing the success we long for.

Sure I’m tempted to quit. My past history might even seem to dictate that as my inevitable course of action.

But I am putting the world on notice:

I. Will. Not. Go. Quietly. I am not quitting this time. I will press on as long as it takes to get where I want to go. Go ahead. Keep knocking me down. I will get back up. Again. And again. And again if I have to. I have made my plan. It is a good one, flexible and well thought out. I have the resources I need. And the support. I am going to continue working hard. Very hard. According to my plan. And I am going to make it. No matter how long it takes. You will not defeat me!

My past does not determine my future.

I don’t care that success is not handed to me on a platter. I will slug through the mud and mire until I get there if I have to. But my future is certain. And I will press on in spite of my fears and reservations. I will not quit.

My success is inevitable. It is just a matter of time.


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