Freedom from Tyranny

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Looking back through the lens of history over the 232… Read More »

Communism vs Free Enterprise – Some Perspective

In response to my Thanksgiving post this year Alex over at the Advice Network left a thought provoking comment. Here’s the comment: It’s interesting that the European (illegal?) immigrants could not survive with a communal (communist?) economic system, considering the aboriginal neighbors who saved their lives by showing them what crops to plant DID have… Read More »

Clarify Your Win and Be More Effective

Effectiveness is often a good measure of success. When we are effective we are producing the results we striving to achieve. Trouble comes when the results we see are different from what we expected. What then? How do we become more effective? One sure way to be more effective is to Clarify Your Win. We… Read More »

Some Rules You Should Never Break

Yesterday I mentioned some rules that you can get away with breaking in your efforts to keep focused on the money making activities in your business. But there are some rules you should never break. These unbreakable rules apply not only to your business but also to your entire life as well. Really there aren’t… Read More »

Success Principle #15 – Unintended Consequences

Everything choice we make has consequences. And the place we find ourselves in life is simply a direct result of all the choices we’ve made, large or small, added together. Successful people realize this fact and strive to make their choices wisely. Many other people instead choose to ignore the cause and effect relationship of… Read More »

Success Principle #14 – Master Your Addictions

My Addiction I like coffee. I drink lots of it. Potfulls. Mass quantities. These days the perfect cup is a nice mild blend with a little half and half and a teaspoon of raw sugar. Or, if I’m feeling especially healthy, perhaps a bit of Stevia instead of the sugar. I like the smell. The… Read More »

Success Principle #13 – Run Your Own Race

“Two men were walking in a forest, when they suddenly saw a savage, hungry-looking bear. One of the men quickly put on a pair of running shoes. The other guy exclaimed, “You idiot! You can’t run faster than a bear …” To which the first guy replied, “But I don’t have to run faster than… Read More »

Saying No to a Good Thing

It was a tremendous opportunity. The first pass over the numbers was exciting. In theory we’d be increasing our net worth considerably, lots more equity the moment we signed the papers. When we looked at the property it was just the sort of thing Gorgeous and I’d been talking about. And in the right location… Read More »

Lessons in Amazing Grace

Last night Gorgeous and I had a date night and we went to see the movie Amazing Grace. All I can say is Wow. Talk about a powerful movie. It tells the story of William Wilberforce who was the main driver in Parliament behind ending slavery in Great Britain at the turn of the 19th… Read More »

Momentary Flashes of Twitter Brilliance

Twitter is all the rage these days. Several big blogging names are fully on board tweeting away. And a few others have not embraced the idea. The die hard Twitter converts would probably add a “yet” at the end of that last sentence. We’ll see. Fortunately for me their IM connectivity is still not working,… Read More »