Gorgeous and I are taking a much needed break this weekend. Tomorrow is our 10th anniversary!

So we decided to make it special. We’re heading to Colorado to spend some time in the mountains. That will be a big change for us living here in Savannah. They call the area around here the Low Country because it is mostly tidal marshlands.

No mountains within almost a day’s drive of here.

Compare that to where we’re going:

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We’ll have mountains all around us. Not much flat there at all, really.

Web Cams & Twitter

Gorgeous picked the place we’re going because they have huge hot spring fed swimming pool that stays 90 degrees year round. We plan to spend lots of time there so you just might catch us on their web cam this weekend.

Twitter Follow Me BadgeI plan to keep up with my Bed Head photos and finish out the series from on the road.

However the best way to track us will be to follow me on Twitter. I’ll be posting updates throughout the weekend from my cell phone.

When we get back next week I’ll be thoroughly soaked, refreshed, and ready to hit the ground running. There is so much to do and I’m looking forward to what all the weeks ahead have for us.

We’ll catch you on the back side.



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