I’ve been doing quite a bit of introspection these days. It’s not that I’m narcissistic or anything. I just keep hearing folks say over and over again that you will be most successful career wise if you work where your passion is.

The part that I’m struggling with is the whole part about where my passion really lies. That may sound pretty dumb to most of you. But the truth is I am good at a bunch of different things. I enjoy a variety of stuff. And I tend to get passionate about things for relatively short bursts of time before I move onto the next thing.

I think my whole struggle drives my wife a bit nuts.

I can imagine her thinking, “Here we go again,” whenever I get on the topic. I mean just last night we had another one of those “I don’t know what I want be when I grow up” conversations. Oh, and I’m nearly 40. Sheesh!

The good news is there are some folks who are offering up some practical ideas and techniques to get through a barrier like mine. I thought I’d share a couple links that I’ve found that help me out since I’m struggling here. Who knows? Maybe some of you are struggling with this too.

So here are the links:

By far the most practical advice that lays out a step by step process to work through this that I’ve ever seen was laid out by Brian Kim in his post back in July called How to Find What You Love to Do. I just found the post a couple days ago and I am working through the steps he laid out now (I’ll let you know how it goes.)

Tony Clark over at Success From the Nest has some practical ideas on how to find something worth working for. Click through the link to the post at Lifehack on Why Work? It is definitely worth the time to read those questions and ponder them.

Oh, and it looks like Chris Johnston had an epiphany with his post The Paycheck vs The Life. Congratulations Chris! That’s the sort of thing we all could use in our own lives.

Ultimately we will achieve much more success when we work at something we are truly passionate about. Passion has the power to overcome any obstacle that life throws up in our way. Passion can fuel us to work harder than we ever thought we would and still leave us feeling like we hardly worked at all.

So many of the masses of mediocrity stay at jobs they hate just to get a pay check instead of doing the things they are most passionate about and were created to do. And then they wonder why they don’t ever see success.

Find your passion. Pour your all into it. Achieve ridiculous success!



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