Gorgeous and I attended a redneck wedding this weekend.

Now before you get all scandalized about my using the term “redneck” you should know that’s how the bride and groom described it. In fact the bride actually came up to us at the reception and asked, “So, have you ever been to a redneck wedding before?”

In point of fact, we hadn’t.

The ceremony was held in an outdoor chapel. The bride word flip-flops. The reception was held at the home of the parents of the bride. There were two tents pitched in the front yard not too far from the bonfire. One of them had a sign that said, “Honeymoon Suite”.

The food at the reception included the requisite dinner mints, mixed nuts, and pulled pork bar-b-que. And to top it off the bride and groom arrived at the reception on a tractor.

Culture Everywhere You Go

Gorgeous observed that when some people complain that there that there is no culture in whatever city they’re in, as some are prone to do about Savannah, what they really mean is the established “fine arts” may be a little lacking.

In actuality there is culture everywhere you go.

Sure it may not be as refined as some are looking to find. Even so, there is still culture, a way people do things, just about anywhere there are people.

Our friends are wonderful people and we saw a culture that we’d only heard about, usually in mocking connotations before. It was a little foreign to us. But they are wonderful folks and we were honored to be invited to their wedding.

Big Temperature Drop

Unfortunately the temperature dropped about 25 degrees during the 4 hours we were at the wedding & reception. When things kicked off it was about 82 degrees and that’s the weather we were dressed for. By the time we got home that evening it was 57 degrees and windy.

I brought a little sinus crud back from Colorado but had nearly kicked it before I got my self thoroughly chilled at the reception.

The key word there is “nearly” because it all came back with a vengeance and by yesterday had developed into a full blown cold. It is bad enough that I cleared my calendar for two days and spent most of yesterday on the couch.

I am just starting to do a little better now with all the cold remedies I have on board.

Oh, and here’s a photo of the happy couple arriving at the reception.

Redneck Wedding


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