Bed Head Day 34
Bed Head Day 34

A few months back I ran a series of posts I called the 40 Days of Bed Head. The idea was fairly straight forward.

Each morning shortly after I woke up I took used the web cam on my laptop to take a photo of myself. And my bed head.

Yes my hair sticks up in the morning. It’s always sticking up, but hardly ever in the same way twice.

I’ve gotten a lot of feed back on the project, and lots of laughs. Folks have been telling me that I should bring the photos together all in the same place.

So I finally put together a little photo gallery with all the photos in one place. One glorious frightful display of wild hair captured for your amusement.

So go check out all the bed head photos. Click though to the individual posts if you want to see what other folks had to say about the photos. And feel free to add your own comments.



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