The next installment of the Business Blogging 101 series is going to have to wait for a bit because it is taking a little while to cook because it is so stinking cold in here!!

I mean don’t get me wrong Savannah never gets like Wisconsin cold or anything. I grew up in Upstate New York so I really do know the difference.

But our heat pump conked out a couple days ago. Gorgeous is up in Wisconsin with her folks and we are short handed at work so there is no one around to let the repair tech in to fix it until she gets back tomorrow.

And last night the temperature must have dropped. There might even be frost on the ground! 😉 I know that doesn’t generate much sympathy for y’all in colder climes this time of year. But lets just say both our cats are extra cuddly this morning.

Couple my temperature issues with some Internet connectivity issues last night and I am still working on the next post in our series. This one will address the time issue. One of the things I hear over and over again from Business folks is “I don’t have time to blog!”

So we’ll talk about that and ways to fit blogging into a crazy schedule.

Until then, stay warm!



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