As I sat down at my computer this morning, my brain was a little foggy. I think I’m still working on getting past some serious sleep deprivation from the last two days of my trip.
Blues Brothers
So I opened up iTunes to help clear my head. I keep it on shuffle most of the time because I have a wide variety of musical taste and I like to mix it up.

And what do I get served up first but the Blues Brothers and Sweet Home Chicago.

It was too early in my morning for me to laugh, but I definitely got a big smile out of that one.

Blues Brothers Bridge JumpAnd it was quite appropriate especially when you consider that I spent a lot of time in the vicinity of the 95th street draw bridge over the Calumet River. Drove over it several times.

And that bridge is the one that they used to film the famous scene where they jump their car over the bridge as it is opening.

Did you know that?


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