The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family. We go to all those get-togethers and parties. We indulge way more than we should and set ourselves up for a couple New Year’s resolutions that we most likely won’t keep.

But the holidays are also a time for giving. After all, isn’t that the reason for the season anyway?

Well in that vein, I found out about a tremendous charity idea this morning that I wanted to share with all you success oriented business blogging types out there.

The folks over at have come up with an amazingly simple idea to leverage the power of the blog into a massive charitable giving campaign.

What they’ve done is set up the Million Dollar Blog Post. They are working toward getting a million comments on one post. Each person who chooses to, comments about their single biggest wish for the world.

Each comment represents $1 donated to charity. In the true spirit of giving they don’t even care if the donations are given to their organization or somewhere else.

I went and left my comment.

And they can count my wife and I in for a donation too.

Go check them out. Make a wish. Spread the word.


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