Taking it Offline

I think an important part of any social media marketing strategy should involve taking things offline and meeting people face-to-face. That’s true not only for personal networking but for business too, because both social media and business are first and foremost about people. That’s one of the reasons my favorite Twitter list is the people… Read More »

Value in Getting Away

Note: This post is part of a group writing project for HighCallingBlogs.com for this month sponsored by Laity Lodge and which we’re hosting here at SuccessCREEations, Inc. The topic is Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! While the main drawing has already happened you can still participate in the writing project until the end of the month and… Read More »

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

Have you ever felt the need to get away from it all? Have you ever had to chose whether to take some time away or keep pressing on? Which way did you decide to go? What happened as a result? HighCallingBlogs Group Writing Project This month we’re hosting the HighCallingBlogs Group Writing project here at… Read More »

A Lifetime of Odd Jobs

HighCallingBlogs has a group writing project underway. Marcus Goodyear is hosting on his page Lessons from Odd Jobs. He’s updating the list as entries are submitted and there is no hard deadline so if you want to add your take on the subject feel free. Here is mine. An Unusual Career Path Even though I’ve… Read More »