How to Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers

It’s a nightmare scenario. You go to your website only to find a nasty message from a hacker bragging about hacking your site. And nothing else. As far as you can tell your content is gone and you can’t even find a way to log into your WordPress dashboard. Would your business survive your website… Read More »

WordPress Security Release Version 2.6.5

WordPress gave us yet one more security update to version 2.6 before the long anticipated major release of version 2.7, which is expected in the next few weeks. The new WordPress version 2.6.5 addresses a security vulnerability as well as a few other very minor improvements. There are a total of five files modified in… Read More »

WordPress Issues Security Uptate in Version 2.6.2

I woke up this morning and see that WordPress released a new version yesterday. The new version 2.6.2 is a security release. It looks like the security exploit they patched is a fairly low probability complex hack involving randomized password generation and a bunch of technical blah, blah, blah. Even so, you probably should think… Read More »

Improved Security When Upgrading WordPress Not Automatic

One click WordPress upgrades are convenient. They fit right in with how I describe blogging platforms to the uninitiated: They make web publishing simple for people of modest technical means. Some web hosts include the Fantastico module which also allows for one click upgrades of WordPress. I’ve used it many times. It is (usually) faster… Read More »

Mac Friday – Easily Protect and Remember Web Passwords with 1Password

I have an insane number of website accounts and profiles to keep track of. It goes with the territory of one who makes his living in the virtual world. Between my own profiles on dozens of social media sites, various email accounts, the blogs I own, banking and online bill paying sites, web hosting accounts,… Read More »