Being Thankful

This Thanksgiving morning Gorgeous and I were talking about how much we have to be thankful for. The news is full of all kinds of horrible things going on in the world. In the headlines today is a terrible attack in India with over 100 tourists killed. Apparently a plan to bomb Penn Station in… Read More »

A Little Thanksgiving History

Today is a national holiday here in the US. It’s a day with many different traditions today, from big meals with family, turkey, pumpkin pie, to parades and Detroit Lions football. Interestingly the Thanksgiving tradition goes back much further than the 1924 inception of the Macy’s parade in New York. In fact, it predates our… Read More »

Giving Thanks in 2006

The year was 1863. America was in the middle of an incredibly bloody civil war. It was a war where the old style massed formations of men marched into the fields with the new repeating rifles to create death on an incredibly large scale. That year included the battles of Chancelorsville, Vicksburg, Brandy Station, Gettysburg,… Read More »