Well our vacation is winding to a close. Gorgeous and I have been having some adventures in Middle America and getting some quality in-person time with friends and family.

And we are glad for the unseasonably warm weather up here. Snow is not so nice for driving so I don’t mind skipping it this trip.

The last couple days were spent at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. We planned this stop back in the summer when we saw a show on the travel channel highlighting water parks that said this was the largest indoor water park in North America.

And we both agree that it was well worth the trip.

We met some other couples and their kids, including some friends of ours visiting from Australia. The running joke in our group is that it is all fun until someone gets a spinal injury. And I know I’m getting older because a stop at the chiropractor will be near the top of my list when I get home!

The rooms were outstanding, the food was wonderful. And the water park had plenty to do to wear out all the kids (even the adult ones).

We learned a couple things about resorts this trip.

One is that it pays to poke around the resort’s website. One of the families in our group found a discounted package online that the rest of us missed.

Another thing I found out is that it is sometimes possible to negotiate a better deal when you are checking in. One of the other families was able to save a bit by pleading ignorance when they arrived and asking if there were any discounts available.

Of course the Kalahari doesn’t have a blog. They do have a very extensive web site for their two resorts, the one we visited in Wisconsin, and their other park in Ohio. It’s slick, with lots of flash flashiness.

But when you Google “water park” they show up on the bottom of the 6th page. If you narrow your search to “water park Wisconsin” they still come up as the 3rd entry behind one of their big competitors, Noah’s Ark Water Park.

They could easily improve their search engine rankings with a little blogging!

Ah, well.

The park got a resounding thumbs up from all in our group. If you are looking for some family fun in Wisconsin, the Kalahari definitely gets our vote.


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