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CREEating Value – About once a week I go through my feed reader and pull out a few gems that bring value to you as a business blogger. Here are this weeks juicy finds.


BusinessBlogWire (feed) – Easton Ellsworth is one of the driving forces behind the Know More Media blog network and is the creator of Blogtipping. BusinessBlogWire focuses on Fortune 500 blogging and is a great source for business blog info.

InstaBLOKE (feed) – The Blog Bloke does a great job of passing along the “how to’s” of blogging without jumping onto the latest fad bandwagon. His humorous style is entertaining and informative. A great addition to a business blogger’s feed reader.

The Dilbert Blog (feed) – Scott Adams is best known as the creator of the Dilbert cartoons. His blog however is thoughtful and full of big, world impacting ideas. I often don’t agree with what Scott has to say. But I rarely leave one of his posts without doing some serious thinking about his ideas. It’s a great place to go when you want a challenge.


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