KnowMoreMedia – Demise of a Blog Network

This has been a sad week for the blogging world. KnowMoreMedia, a major blog network with over 100 blogs focused on the business world, effectively went out of business as of Thursday. Well, they laid off all their employees anyway. I suppose technically that’s not exactly the same thing as going out of business. But… Read More »

Odds and Ends

Got a few odds and ends to share with y’all this morning. Great New Series Easton Ellsworth has started a new series over at Business Blog Wire on Small Business Blog Help. Easton has been following business blogging for a long time and I consider him the go-to guy when it comes to Fortune 500… Read More »

CREEating Value – 10 January 2007

CREEating Value – About once a week I go through my feed reader and pull out a few gems that bring value to you as a business blogger. Here are this weeks juicy finds. Enjoy! BusinessBlogWire (feed) – Easton Ellsworth is one of the driving forces behind the Know More Media blog network and is… Read More »

Contemplating a Bit of a Course Change

Y’all know that a big part of the whole exercise here at SuccessCREEations involves a certain amount of introspection. The idea has been to explore ideas tips and strategies so we can all become more successful. As I noted yesterday, some of that introspection involves finding where our passions lie. I am exploring and doing… Read More »