As you’ve probably heard Friday was the BIG DAY for Un-Conference ’07 hosted by BlogSavannah.

And the Local Old Media took Notice.

On The Record

Saturday there was a write up in our local paper, the Savannah Morning News, titled Savannah rides the blogging wave at Un-Conference. Everything I do and say is on the record

Personally I’m a little fond of that one because they mentioned yours truly. (And it’s all about me, right?) 🙄

Then there was one of the local TV stations, WTOC, who showed up for a while in the morning with a camera and a reporter.

Here’s the text version of their story, Bloggers Gather for Conference. The video version is below compliments of Burton Sauls and YouTube.

I think the most revealing quote that the Old Media folks found was this one from Josh Hallett that was in the newspaper’s article:

“Everything I do and say is on the record. There’s nothing I say that’s off the record, and that’s kind of the way of the world now.”

And Josh is right. From all the people with their laptops typing away at one of the 69 wi-fi hotspots in town to folks like Amber Rhea walking around with pocket sized recorders wearing t-shirts that say, “I’m podcasting this” you never know who is going to be reporting what you say any more.

From what I saw Friday, the Old Media still hasn’t gotten their collective minds around that little point of change yet. So small. Yet it may very well change everything.

Here’s the video from the TV station for those of you who prefer that medium.


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