Trying to put together some links for a post this morning and every time I try to go to a blog that is hosted on Blogger I’m getting this error message. Blogger Error

Checked my old Blogger account and I can get into the back end, but I can’t access the front of it to view the thing so no one else can see it right now either.

Poking around some more it seems to only be folks who’re using Blogger-Beta. I’ve tried a couple of the old Blogger system and they seem to be working. I guess InstaBloke is glad this morning he hasn’t converted over yet. (Yes I upgraded mine when it came out of Beta just so I would know how things work differently when talking with clients and folks.)

Those of you who are still using Blogger might want to think about upgrading and hosting a more robust platform like, say, on your own hosting account somewhere.

I’m just saying…


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