How to Transfer Your Domain Away from GoDaddy

Since we started offering our domain registration service lots of folks are asking how to transfer domains away from GoDaddy. On our end it’s a pretty easy, straight forward process. But GoDaddy’s side is a little less obvious. Go figure. Before You Transfer There are a couple things you should do before you try to… Read More »

Economical Go Daddy Domain Name Alternative

Go Daddy is by far the largest domain name registrar in the world. By far. Like to the tune of 4 times the second largest registrar. When I first started online Go Daddy seemed like the obvious choice when I needed a domain. Since then I’ve bought dozens of domains from them. That’s not a… Read More »

Google Chrome for Mac – An Early Look

By this point Google Chrome is old news since it’s been out for months. At least for Windows users it has anyway. For Google, releasing Chrome in a Mac compatible version hasn’t been much of a priority. With a few glaring exceptions, these days most companies have moved away from treating Mac users like inconvenient… Read More »

Google Enters Browser Competition with Chrome

Internet behemoth Google took a major step towards their mission “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” with their recent beta release of the Chrome web browser. With typical Google focus on simplicity and functionality, Chrome shakes up the usual web browser display a little. In choosing to release the… Read More »

Mac Friday – Easily Protect and Remember Web Passwords with 1Password

I have an insane number of website accounts and profiles to keep track of. It goes with the territory of one who makes his living in the virtual world. Between my own profiles on dozens of social media sites, various email accounts, the blogs I own, banking and online bill paying sites, web hosting accounts,… Read More »

Supercharge Your RSS with FeedBurner

There are very few blogging services that I universally recommend to all my clients and FeedBurner is one of them. (If you aren’t sure what RSS means or what feeds even are, feel free to check out a post I wrote a while back on RSS and Feeds to get the basics.) What is FeedBurner?… Read More »

15 Ways to Attract Comments Like an A-Lister

Whether we are blogging to support our business or blogging simply to rant about, well, just about anything, we all crave comments on our blogs. Not only do comments show us that somebody, somewhere out there is interested enough about what we wrote to respond, but comments also can help build traffic as well. If… Read More »

But is Twitter Useful?

One of the people that Gorgeous and I connected with in Chicago this past weekend was Christine Kane. It probably didn’t hurt that the three of us were all seated in close proximity to a very wild and obnoxious three year old on the same flight into Chicago. That got diverted to Columbus for more… Read More »

Yahoo Working on a New Kind of Search

Chris Brogan shared that Yahoo is considering a new approach to serving up search results. He describes it as The Sound of Content Ripping Free From Its Page. I’m not sure it will be as dramatic as all that for a couple reasons. What’s at the heart of Chris’ concern is this short post over… Read More »

Mac Friday – Screenshots

Screenshots. No, we’re not talking about the big guy on the right here spraying gobs of bullets on the silver screen, as entertaining as that is. A screenshot is simply a way to capture what you are looking at right now on your computer screen so you can use it later, or share it with… Read More »