Tris Hussey over at One By One Media points out today that one of their Bloggers For Hire business clients was mentioned in an interview with a couple prominent bloggers. Here’s the post, Freight and Shipping mentioned on Net Concepts.

Congratulations guys!

But the nod of some free recognition is not what jumped out at me in this post. Tris goes on to say something in, what for me, is an attention grabbing paragraph. When talking about their client, Tris says,

Has made huge gains on Google. He’s #1 on many of the terms he wanted. His Adwords budget could be cut by thousands of dollars a month and…he increased his revenue so much that he expanded to have two new offices. Two! Not, oh yeah a couple extra people. Two whole freakin’ offices! That’s jobs for people in Tennessee and Florida. That’s supplies (computers, desks, etc) that are purchased. That’s all those things. Oh, and he’s still busy. Really busy. He told me this week he’s been so busy that he’s slept in the office a few times. Eric attributes a lot of this success to his blog and Jane, our Masters degree holding, English professor pro-blogger.

Did you catch all that? If not read that paragraph again. Seriously. Read it.

What They’ve Got

Take a look over there and you will see some things they don’t have:

  • A flashy animated web site – Their site has about a dozen basic pages with simple button navigation, mostly filled with text and a little bit of graphics for curb appeal.
  • A blog template that blends with their web site – Their blog design is a plain vanilla two column set up without much of anything in the way of bells and whistles. And the it looks nothing like their base web site.
  • Gobs of ads and buttons pushing folks back to the main site – All they’ve got is a simple “Request a Free Quote” button at the top of the side bar. None of the posts have ads. Sure the writer tells how great their service offerings are. But it is far from overbearing.
  • Heavy action in the comments – A quick scan through the posts on their blog and you will see that people are really not commenting there. They have comments open, but there isn’t even any dialog happening.
  • A blogger who is an expert in their field – The outsourced hired blogger writing their blog is Jane Goodwin. She’s not an expert in the type of service the company offers. She’s simply an excellent writer.
  • A blogger blogger who knows the inner workings of the company – The original article held up this blog because it

    is an example of a blog that focuses on providing content about shipping but doesn’t offer insights into the organization.

    And that’s mostly because their writer is not even directly a part of their company.

The Results of Blogging

Yet according to Tris, none of that stuff they don’t have matters.

Because in spite of all that stuff they don’t have, they’re saying that since they’ve started blogging at Freight & Shipping the company has experienced so much growth that they are opening two new offices in two new states.

The business owner attributes much of that recent growth to their blog.

And their amazing results haven’t taken them forever either. I poked around the archives over there and here are couple things I discovered.

The first post on their blog is dated 1 September 2006, so they are just at the 6 month mark now.

In that time the blog has just over 100 posts. (November was a little light for some reason.)

Business Blogging Works

Does business blogging work? Um.. Yeah!

In the case of Freight & Shipping it has proven itself to work tremendously well.


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