Powerfully Interactive Facebook Pages Are Astonishingly Easy With Lujure

Update: Check out the latest full demonstration video where I create a dynamic viral fan page in 6 minutes and 2 seconds: How to Make a Magnetic Facebook Fan Page in Under 10 Minutes with Lujure I watched a webinar this weekend that blew me away. Nathan Latka hosted the webinar to demonstrate the new… Read More »

Refine Your Target Market and Increase Profits

One of the challenges in business is aiming our products or services at the right target market. It can be tempting to position our business towards a very broad market. People falling into this trap think that because what they offer can be used by most anyone, they’ll be limiting their income if they focus… Read More »

Free and Easy Social Media Plan

Weaving social media into your business marketing plan doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. The basic principles are simple and straight forward. In fact I’ll lay out the whole explanation for you right here. It’s yours for free to get you started with social media today. Are you ready? Here you go! Basic Truth… Read More »

Twitter for Business: 15 Masters Show You How

15 Twitter experts share their secrets about how they harness the growing power of Twitter to explode your business. You’re going to want to be a part of this…

Don’t Make this Traffic Killing Mistake

One of the big reasons we have web sites and blogs is to generate traffic. I mean why put up a site unless want people to see it, right? Yet some people insist on adding this traffic repellent to their sites and then wonder why they never see more than a handful of visitors. Smelling… Read More »

Presentation – Blogging and Social Media in Your Business

This past week I gave a presentation on Blogging and Social Media in Your Business to a local group of 60+ entrepreneurs. The talk was sponsored by the ATDC and the Creative Coast here in Savannah. The talk was designed as an introductory talk for business people who didn’t yet have an understanding of what… Read More »

Sandra Yancey Speaks at Savannah eWomenNetwork Event

Sandra Yancey the CEO and Founder of eWomenNetwork came to Savannah this week to speak at the local eWomenNetwork chapter’s monthly Accelerated Networking Event. Her talk was fabulous and I’ve got to say that Sandra Yancey is a tremendously good public speaker. She had the whole room captivated for the entire time she spoke and… Read More »

Gorgeous on TV

Gorgeous and I were up early this morning. I set the alarm for 4 AM because we had to be down at one of our local TV stations by 6 so that Gorgeous could be interviewed about her upcoming eWomenNetwork event. The event Wednesday will be a big deal because eWomenNetwork founder and CEO Sandra… Read More »

Advice to Yahoo Employees – Start Looking Now

It’s not big news that Yahoo is facing some significant challenges. Even if everything was roses for the search engine company the very fact that another company like Microsoft is looking to buy them out is going to make for some tough going for the good folks who work for Yahoo. Been There, Done That… Read More »

Think Before You Call It Spam

Those of us who make our living working primarily online know full well how pervasive the scourge of spam has become. Whether you are an online publisher like me, or just dealing with the hoards of junk emails that come your way everyday you know the problem is real. But did you know marking that… Read More »