Yesterday Renée Alexandrea, our friend from Small Dogs Paradise, mentioned that she really likes to be able to subscribe to comments via email.

Well that’s a reasonable request, isn’t it?

Thanks to the adaptable nature of WordPress I knew there was probably a plugin that I could install that would allow readers who want it to flood their email boxes with comments from which ever post they chose to subscribe to. 😉

So I shopped around (for all of about 5 minutes – that’s pretty much the way I like to shop) and found what looks to be a good one for that called, strangely enough, Subscribe to Comments.

I read the instructions real quick (yes, I know. Horrors: An instruction reader!) uploaded the plugin, activated it and Bing! Folks can now subscribe to whatever comments they’d like to keep up with.

I’m curious how y’all find it working. As I mentioned to Renée last night I haven’t tested it. But I’m hoping it works.

Please holler at me if it isn’t.



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