The other day I wrote about a problem a local business was having with their web presence in a post titled Savannah’s WGSA CW13 Has a Big Problem.

As a quick summary I told how they have a really nice looking web site that, unfortunately, is very hard to find.

Part of the reason I got permission from them to write about their situation was to graphically demonstrate the effectiveness of blogging when it comes to search engine “findability”. I’ve found that it is always more powerful if you can use real world actual examples to demonstrate your point.

I figured I’d do a series of posts on the subject. I expected that over time my posts would climb up the rankings and it would show how blogging on a specific topic is an effective approach.

What I Didn’t Expect

So far even I’ve been surprised by the results.

It has only been 5 days since that post was published. Look what happens when you Google WGSA CW13. The first 6 search returns all point to that one post, either directly or indirectly.

With only one blog post I’ve managed completely dominate the Google search results for a specific keyword that I was targeting. In less than 5 days.

Granted it is an obscure key word. But don’t you think that most businesses would want to dominate the keyword that happens to be the name of their business? I know for a fact that WGSA CW13 does!

And if you happen to click on repeat the search with the omitted results included it gets even better. As of this morning you have to go 27 pages deep in the search before you find a link that doesn’t point to me.

All because of 1 blog post. In less than 5 days.

And that, my friends, is just one real world example of the power of business blogging.


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