Carbon Motors Police Car of the Future in Savannah

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see the future of law enforcement vehicles. And it’s pretty cool. No. It’s way beyond cool. The coolness was on display down at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center in a public event that, well,  really wasn’t publicized all that well. I happened to hear about it from… Read More »

Sarah Palin in Savannah

I don’t usually get into politics around here. While I like reading about political stuff on my own time I have found over the years that some people take political stuff a little too personally. Besides, people come here for info on social media, not politics. So I generally keep it off the blog here.… Read More »

Analog Networking Morning

Just as Social Media can be a useful avenue to raise the visibility of your business face to face networking is also an important element to promoting your business and the service or product you offer. I call that my analog networking time. And today will be full of that. I’m heading to the eWomenNetwork… Read More »

Gorgeous Wins an Award

The past few weeks have been crazy for us here in the Cree household. Lots of great things going on. One in particular I wanted to highlight for you is that Gorgeous was recognized last week for her outstanding achievement as an Entrepreneur. The local Savannah organization, A Working Woman in Need (AWWIN), hosts an… Read More »

Update on our WGSA CW13 Experiment in Savannah

The other day I wrote about a problem a local business was having with their web presence in a post titled Savannah’s WGSA CW13 Has a Big Problem. As a quick summary I told how they have a really nice looking web site that, unfortunately, is very hard to find. Part of the reason I… Read More »

Savannah’s WGSA CW13 Has a Big Problem

What if you built a web site for your business and nobody showed up? Do you think that would be an example of marketing dollars that were well spent? My answer to that second question might surprise you. I’d say that those dollars probably were well spent. But I’ll attach a huge IF to that… Read More »

Georgia Podcast Network Posts Business Blogging 101 Session from Un-Con ’07

The Georgia Podcast Network has posted the Business Blogging 101 session from our recent Un-Conference here in Savannah (facilitated by yours truly 🙂 ). Thanks to Rusty Tanton and Amber Rhea for recording the session and making it available for us. If you are interested, go check it out. Me, I’ve pulled it into my… Read More »

Gearing Up for Un-Conference ’07

Friday is the day we are all focused on now. And not just because it is at the end of the traditional work week either. That’s the day for all the sessions in Savannah’s own very first blog conference. They’re calling it Un-Conference ’07 and it promises to be informative as well as a whole… Read More »

Surprise of the Night

OK. This is a new one on me. It’s evening and I had clean up detail. Fortunately tonight all that was required was to scoop up the Zaxby’s boxes from the coffee table and toss them in the trash. We’ve had a long run this week and Gorgeous stopped off to pick something up on… Read More »

First Blogging Conference in Savannah is Announced

They’re calling it Un-Conference ’07. BlogSavannah has announced they will be hosting a conference for all things bloggish 25-27 January ’07 right here in Savannah. Here is an excerpt from their conference page: At this 1.5 day event we will provide a very friendly, laid back atmosphere in which to learn about, talk about, and… Read More »