As a consultant I experiment with different metrics packages to see how they compare. One of the packages that I like is Performancing Metrics.

However if you click on that link right now you will get a “Server Not Found” error massage.

If you are using Performancing Metrics you might want to take the script off of your blog for the time being as it has gone down hard. If you leave the script on your blog it may cause some significant problems for your blog until they get it back up and running.

Fortunately Raj Dash, one of the regulars over at Performancing, put up an announcement to let us know Pmetrics is Down. Thanks Raj for passing the word!

Up until it went down, Pmetrics was a good stats package.

I started using it nearly a year ago. I was originally attracted to Performancing because they had a great blog publication plugin for FireFox where I could blog straight from my browser.

That was before WordPress had the auto save feature that came with one of the new updates. It only took one or two posts being deleted when I had a web connection problem before I started looking for an off-line solution!

I used a few before I found Perfromancing. An it was just what I wanted. Simple. Integrated seamlessly with FireFox. Perfect.

I signed up with Performancing’s main site about that time and discovered they had a stats package as well.

Back in January they separated out the three areas. The plugin changed from a blue color scheme to orange and became ScribeFire. (That site is also down at the moment because of the server switch.)

The Pmetrics became a separate project and the Performancing blog community re-focussed on blogging.

Sounds like they’re experiencing some bumps in the road with the server change. Hopefully the dust will settle soon and everyone can put their great stats package back up.


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