Had a great conversation last night talking about success on BlogTalkRadio with Wayne Hurlbert.BlogTalkRadio Logo

We talked about what it takes to be successful. Took a look at what success looks like and how to get there.

And of course we talked about success in blogging and how it relates to business.

If you aren’t a subscriber to Wayne’s show, you should be. He’s had folks like Heidi Miller and Liz Strauss on his show. And perhaps my favorite was the hour he gave us talking with Judith Wieigel.

If you ever toyed with the idea of running off to the circus as a kid, go find that episode! Too funny. 🙂

Wayne’s got a great way of making his guests feel comfortable. Once I got over my nervousness and settled down a bit we had a great time!

Thanks Wayne! I had a blast.

The rest of you head on over and subscribe to his show!


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