Have you ever taken some time to look at how people are coming to your blog?

I just did.

I poked around in the various statistical packages that I run here at SuccessCREEations to find out how people are getting here. I normally peek at StatCounter pretty regularly to get a feel for numbers of page view and such but tonight I wanted to go deeper than my account there will let me see.

So I started with Google Analytics. There is a ton of information that can be gleaned there, although I did run into a challenge with the site resetting to another domain where I also run GA and making it hard to get the data about this blog here.

But I digress.

It turns out that right now about 12% of the traffic coming here is direct – either from bookmarks or from people typing in a URL in their address bar. 56% is coming in from referring sites. Those sites include blogs that have a link here, online feed readers like BlogLines, email links (probably from the email feed), etc.

The balance of the traffic that finds its way to SuccessCREEations, about 32% of the total, comes from the various search engines. And it is this last number that I took a closer look at.

    As a side note, if your blog is fairly new, or not indexed in the search engines then you probably won’t be getting much of any traffic from them. Yet. But hang in there. The search engine traffic will come in time.

Search Engine Traffic

Of the traffic finding its way here from the search engines, about 90% is coming here from Google. Now I thought it was possible that Google Analytics might be reporting Google traffic a little high. Call me a skeptic.

So I checked one of my server based stats packages, in this case AWStats, and it turns out GA was actually being nice to the other search engines. According to AWStats, Google accounts for nearly 93% of my search engine traffic.

Interesting that every stats package that I looked at gives a slightly different view of the blog.

Next I took a look at which search terms people used to land on SuccessCREEations. And this is where it started to get entertaining for me.

I mean I totally expect people to find the blog here searching for business blogging information or even for success related stuff. That’s pretty much what goes on here. And there was a lot of that.

But some folks out there are looking for some strange stuff indeed.

The Search Terms

Oh, and another good source for finding interesting search terms people are using to get to your site is HitTail. This list is in no particular order and pulled primarily from HitTail and Google Analytics based purely on what I found amusing. All of the terms were used to get to SuccessCREEations. Somehow.

So without further ado, here’s the list. Punctuation has been stripped and all spellings are as original.

  • and use fear to paralyze any thought of moving forward
  • a guy that wants to cheat but doesn’t contact you but likes you
  • ways to make people do whatever you say
  • tips for driving uhaul trucks
  • learn to control yourself before you control the others
  • creative ways to tell someone you like them
  • using social networking to do business in books
  • disadvantages of business social network
  • i want to know my future
  • gilligans island
  • view clicks
  • stupid fish
  • cat herding
  • dead ducks
  • ti corn
  • early eye candy
  • 100 to the negative 9th
  • 1fish 2 fish stupid fish
  • air mattress wisconsin
  • can i get a wallet to a friend
  • corn seeds wont germinate
  • do successful people procrastinate
  • excuses for funerals
  • fear paralyzes me
  • glimmer
  • i65 indiana boring
  • im not superstitious but
  • is it bad that i dont go to my friends funeral
  • is it good to be superstitious
  • remote island
  • dessert vertigo

The Winner

It is interesting that the number one way people find this blog via the search engines is an overwhelming winner. The number two search term, kalahari water park (not to be confused with kalahari waterpark, which was number 4) had a third fewer hits than the winner.

And the winner is… [Drum Roll…]

how to make people like you

More people want to find out how to do that here than anything else.

How are people finding your blog?


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