I like the latest and greatest. I’m all about shiny and new.

But the latests version of WordPress is just out of reach for me right now without some theme surgery.

I tried to update my personal blog to WordPress 2.2 a little while back and ran into a problem. Everything looked OK on the front side of the blog, but when I tried to to my control panel I got a white screen with a Fatal Error message.

Now like Forest Gump, Ah ahm noht a smahrt mahan, but I do know “Fatal Error” is computer-speak for “Very Bad”. It is akin to the infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death. Not good.

My first thought was that I had an incompatible plugin running. I’ve had that problem before. But I went in and deleted them off my server one by one. None of them seemed to be causing the problem.

Hmmm… Maybe it was a bad install. Perhaps one of the files got corrupted during the process. “Corrupted”. That’s another computer-speak word for “something went wrong but we’re not sure what or why. Let’s just try-it again and see if it starts working on its own.”

So I reverted back to the previous version. Funny how upgrading is a “one-click” process but downgrading is, shall we say, a bit more involved.

Anyway, before I could get back to my own blog and try it again, I had to set up a new site for a client. Clean install with no baggage. Everything worked fine.

Wouldn’t you know the theme the client wanted caused it to crash right away.

Several others I found also caused problems with WordPress 2.2.

The short of it is, there are a whole bunch of themes out there which need some significant upgrading for them to be compatible with WordPress 2.2. That includes the themes I’m using both here at SuccessCREEations and over on my personal blog.

So where do you go to find themes that will work when you upgrade? Well the Codex, of course. Here is the currently list of known WordPress 2.2 compatible themes.

Hopefully that will save you some heartache when you finally get around to upgrading. 😉

And I’ve been meaning to update my themes anyway. So don’t be surprised if things change a little ’round here in the near future.



SuccessCREEations is now Kingdom House Productions