Windows Problems

I don’t know if you’re like me but my computer’s not very sporty. When we bought it the idea was that we were buying a basic no frills computer for my not-so-techie (but Gorgeous!) wife so she could have a reliable machine for email and cruising the web. I would get a machine with a little more horsepower.

That was the idea.

Unfortunately for me the next machine ended up being a laptop for her and here I am a couple years later on the same computer asking it to do more than it is really meant for.

With my business it is not unusual for me to be carrying on conversations on Google Talk, Skype, Twitter, (and now Pownce), have my email client open, running Google Desktop, and have a couple dozen tabs open in FireFox.

Windows would get a horrible case of the slows. It would take minutes to refresh a FireFox tab. My computer would freeze up. And when the computer had been left on all day (so that Gorgeous could use the attached printer) just forget about it.

The only solution would be a hard shutdown by holding the power button for 5 seconds.

I thought it was about time for a new computer. At the very least I was looking at shelling out some serious cash to upgrade the memory in my machine.

A Better Solution

Then last week Liz Strauss told me about a new utility she’d just purchased that has really made a difference on her machine called MemoKit Memory Manager (aff).

Now I know a few things about Liz. For one thing, she’s on her computer even more than I am on mine. I have the pleasure of talking with her fairly often so I also know that she would have to reboot her computer a few times throughout the day because she was struggling with the same issues I was.

And I also knew that if she said this utility was working for her then I needed to check it out. I figured for $30 with a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime updates I couldn’t go wrong.

MemoKit Just Works

I usually like to know the technical mumbo-jumbo of how something does what it does. Liz did a good job covering that in her MemoKit post yesterday.

Personally I think her last paragraph says what I think about the product.

If you’re having any such issues, get this program. I’ve had it for days and it’s lovely. I delighted with it.

What I like most about MemoKit (aff) is that it just works, plain and simple.

As I’m typing this my computer’s been running without a hitch since I got up this morning half a day ago. I’ve got two FireFox windows open with a total of 27 tabs, a Google Talk chat going, both Skype and my Pownce client running alongside Google desktop and my email client.

Before I installed MemoKit it would have frozen solid and been rebooted hours ago.

But right now my computer is humming along just fine. Like it’s supposed to.

I don’t endorse many products here at SuccessCREEations, but MemoKit is working so well for me that I went ahead and signed up with their affiliate program.

If you are having the same kinds of frustrations with your Windows computer that I was having, you can either shell out for a Mac, invest in more memory, or for only $30 you can greatly improve your computing experience with MemoKit.

Go check out the MemoKit (aff) website for yourself.

Or, if you’ve decided this is something you need right now, go straight to the MemoKit order page (aff).

With a 30 day money back guarantee you’ve got nothing to loose. And you’ll gain all those frustrating minutes you keep loosing waiting on Windows.


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