But it’s the right gadget for us!

Treo 700WGorgeous and I are talking about getting Treo’s. The key idea is to get a tool that will help us get a grip on our schedules, and help us keep all our contact info, appointments, etc. organized.

Believe it or not the whole thing was her idea!

That kind of blew me away, actually. I’m the one with the gadget fixation in our house.

Most times her eyes sort of glaze over when I start talking about gadgets. That or she’ll listen politely, nod and smile. Tech is just not her thing.

So when she suggested that we should consider something in the multi-functional gadget department I was quite surprised. “I want a phone that just makes phone calls.” At least that’s what she used to say.

Apparently her story’s changing.

What about the iPhone?

All the buzz this week is about the iPhone. And I sure didn’t want jump on that Paris Hilton-esque headline grabber too gratuitously.

It would seem the Cree household will be a gadget behind.iPhone

I’m sure you know, as with any new thing, there’s been some resistance to the iPhone.

Chris Pirillo shared 20 reasons he hasn’t gotten an iPhone (yet).

Apparently Jeff Pulver (of Vonage fame) isn’t jumping on the iPod bandwagon either. At least according to Wired.

Then there are stories of some rough experiences like Josh Hallett‘s. He had to wait over 3 days for his phone to be activated.

Not exactly the kind of experience I’d want my product’s launch to be know for.

Meanwhile we’ll still think through this Treo thing.

I don’t really expect there’s any danger of Gorgeous and I shelling out for iPhones. At least not at this point anyway.


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