We’ve got enough going on here at SuccessCREEations these days that it is time to upgrade my computer. I’ve been putting it off for quite a while now but decided the time had come.

Mac MiniThis computer has served us well in spite of me asking it to do far more than it was designed to handle. When we bought our current machine a couple years back, we bought it in a hurry.

We had to replace our computer that died suddenly after serving us well for over 7 years.

I decided to buy a basic machine then with the idea that it’s primary roll would be for Gorgeous to use for email and internet browsing. The plan was that the next machine would be a more powerful one for me to use for my work at SuccessCREEations.

Of course no plan survives first contact with the enemy and the next machine we needed was a laptop with Gorgeous. Between her parents failing health and a string of conferences she was to attend, we needed her to have portable computing power.

So I kept using the old machine for my work here.

Speed is Relative

It is funny that processing speed is relative. When we bought our current machine the 1 GHz processor seemed like lightning after the 233 MHz one it replaced.

But now, with all I’m doing, this machine is simply overwhelmed and bogging down. It’s slow at a time when time is my most precious resource.

I expect this new computer will again dazzle me with another order of magnitude speed increase.

Why Mac Over PC

The easy choice would have been to just get a more powerful PC. Get bigger, faster, more and just keep rolling.

In the short run that would have been a good choice. However over the long haul I felt that making the switch now was a better way to go.

Building web sites can be a little graphic intensive. It’s not unusual for me to have a couple dozen tabs open in FireFox when I’m working on a project. At the same time I usually have Skype running, and maybe two or three Google Talk chats going.

Add in my email client and Google Desktop and I can be using a bunch of system resources.

From all I’ve read and my conversations with folks who’ve used both platforms, Macs do a better job of running multiple programs at the same time than windows does.

And now a days compatibility is becoming less of an issue as this commercial so humorously points out.

In the end I decided to make the switch now and move my business in that direction.

Our new Mac Mini is ordered and scheduled to arrive this week. We’ll see how well it works out.

I’ll keep you posted.


SuccessCREEations is now Kingdom House Productions