Well it’s now been about 2 weeks since my Mac Mini arrived. And things are going well.

I overheard Gorgeous telling a friend that she doesn’t hear grumpy noises eminating from my office anymore. I take that as a good sign things are going well.

Before I got the Mac I was at the point where I was loosing about 20 minutes out of every hour on my machine waiting for things to process or rebooting. That doesn’t happen anymore.

One Hitch

Well, there was one morning this past week. For some reason my mouse laser stopped registering clicks. It would track around the screen fine, but wouldn’t click on anything.

Mac Wireless Laser MouseThe scroll function wasn’t working either.

I fought with it a bit to see if I could get it reset easily. I was hoping to figure out if it was something screwy I did or not. Smart money is on operator error.

Finally I just did a hard shut down of the computer, turned off the wireless mouse and keyboard, and powered everything back up.

Things have been purring along nicely ever since. One hitch in two weeks is so much better than the several times a day that I was dealing with that

MS Office Work Around

I don’t yet have much need for MS Office with what I do here on this machine. But occasionally clients will send me a Word document from time to time.

I’ve found a serviceable work around with Google Docs. It is right there alongside my Gmail account and can import and export Word documents just fine. It isn’t perfect. But it does work for those occasional documents you need to get out.

Eventually I’ll probably get MS Office for Mac, although I hear Open Office is pretty good too. Maybe I’ll try that first.

A Mac Resource

Was pointed to a great resource for news on things Mac by a friend. If you are interested in that sort of thing, check out Think Secret. It’s chock full of insider info.

Before I check out this morning, let me leave you with a little PC vs. Mac humor.



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